Thai Wood Carving

Wood Carvings

Wood products are a big feature on sale in the north of Thailand. The primary types of wood in this region are Teak and Rosewood. Both high quality hard woods perfect for carving and making beautiful furniture. Of great concern though is the illegal trading of logs over the Burmese and Laotian border.
wooden Box
Wooden Cat
Spun from old mango trees. These vases are very light. The range of shapes and sizes is tremendous
Wooden Vases
Chop Sticks
walking stick Going trekking? Don't forget to get your Burmese walking sticks (left). Above - It's made from coconuts we think!
Wood carving is a highly developed craft in the north of Thailand. The time spent carving each piece would make these extremely expensive items in the west. In Chiangmai and the surrounding provinces though these products are surprisingly inexpensive. Often the carvings depict jungle scenes and the animals in them. Elephants feature heavily in the northern thai wood carvings.

These highly polished wooden bracelets are ridiculously cheap considering the hand made quality of the pieces.

Wooden Key rings made from the bark of trees.