Buddha Embroidery
Embroideries from northern Thailand shown here on the top left and right are real works of art. Made by hand and depicting images of the Buddha and Chinese Gods.
Chinese God Embroidery
Real Thai silk is not all shinny and perfect like some westerners are lead to believe. If it's too shinny and has a label saying "Thai Silk" then the chances are it's not. How to tell ? Real Thai silk has a special thin subtle texture, and is very cool to wear. Look for tiny bumps and what seem like small irregularities in the woven cloth.
Traditional woven materials from the North , North East and also Laos can all be found on sale in Chiangmai. Heavy cloth for shirts and jackets in cool winter nights and also for table cloths.
That's it , just the hat you've been looking for... I swear I could see my Aunt Mable wearing that one!
Thai craftspeople and manufacturers are always looking for a creative re-use of materials. These sandals are all made from old jeans. They're cool and environmentally friendly!