Buskers,Thailand Vacation

The word for Buskers in Thai "Silapin Pert Muak" translates literally as "Artist with open Hat". Buskers in the Sunday market come from all walks of life. The old gentleman in this band still finds time to play music for charity. The proceeds go to the local Wat (Buddhist Monastery) of which there are hundreds in Chiangmai .
The sound of his long wooden flute drifts through the air as we pass by. A northern ethnic instrument it may be but this doesn't stop the Thai's from plugging in a modern Amplifier, see the lead coming from the left, click to enlarge the picture.
Children playing in the Market are a common sight. Some of them play to raise money for their education but sometimes unfortunately their guardians have placed them there to make money for more selfish reasons. People on Thailand Vacations don't always see the other darker side of the country.
Right , this young girl is playing the Kim. A unique instrument that is played by hitting the strings in a tapping motion with wooden sticks. The kim has three strings for each note tuned in the same manner as piano strings.
These two girls above are playing the Saw U in unison. A single stringed instrument played much like the violin . Each of them have a silver tray for donations.
These school friends ,right, have organized themselves for a fun day out with the chance of earning some extra pocket money.
Last but certainly not least is the Modern thai musician. The guitar being an incredibly popular instrument in Thailand. To the point that they consider playing western music to be synonymous with the Guitar.